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REALCARE HEALTH SUPPORT (RHS) is an organization born with the passion for professional development and development of standardized, evidence-based health care delivery practices with modern techniques and technologies.

Our Values

Our services are based on; Proficiency , Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Trust…


Our Approach

We are committed to serve all our clients, from large, teaching medical centers to stand alone hospitals/facilities and even day clinics and nursing homes with the same level of expert attention to develop customized processes that ensures growth…



Our vision is to be the foremost and leading health consulting organization with the largest pool of talented health care personnels with enviable care delivery and management skills…


What We Do

Workforce Solution

The focus of all health care organizations is to achieve the best standard of professional practice of quality care delivery sustainable under the pressure of unstable economy and dynamic healthcare delivery system. RHS will work with you to develop a unique personalized program that will create the perfect combination of clinical expertise that is needed to succeed… | More

Home-Based Care

We provide you with necessary support and professional expertise to assess and decide the level of care that will be comfortable and beneficial to you or/and your loved one while ensuring your best experience by providing the most competent care… | More

Health Counselling

RHS aims at partnering with organization to provide counseling services in all areas of health and health care delivery at a very affordable fee which will facilitate access to health information that are evidence-based which will further contribute to health maintenance and promotion as it will help individuals to make informed decisions on matters that concern their health… | More

School Health Services

RHS’s Public Health Experts offer highly efficient and effective customized School Health Services set to ensure world class first aid facilities that are cost-effective while taking the stress of managing the sick bay off the laps of the school managers/administrators…. | More


At our core is a commitment to our employees. We are a company where everyone can contribute to our team’s success while achieving personal goals. We work hard to create opportunities for our employees to develop and grow into future leaders in their chosen career. We are confident that our unique position and dynamic team will provide you with opportunities that you will not find elsewhere. The experience you gain at RHS will strengthen your confidence in climbing the upward ladder of your career in health care delivery… | More


Our Service Chatter


REALCARE HEALTH SURPPORT (RHS) is an organization born with the passion for professional development and development of standardized, evidence-based health care and delivery practices with modern techniques and technology…. | More

Our Aim

RHS is set to take healthcare delivery system in Nigeria to world standard through professional development and strengthening of the talent pool of health care enterprises by developing processes and management systems based on evidence and technologies that are favourable and accepted to our social and professional values…. | More

Our Services Include

Working with organizations to develop professional practice models as strategies for growth in quality and standard; as well as providing tools for evaluation and monitoring for sustainability
Provision of personalised care in clients comfort zone – home based care ¬– on affordable and flexible care plans.
Facilitations of professional development program for nurses.
Facilitation of School health support program.
Provision of health education services/counselling. … | More

Our Service Standard

In providing our services, we value

  • PROFICIENCY: Our personnel are skilled and certified professionals
  •  INTEGRITY: our personnel are well behaved, trustworthy, and always deliver their services on professional ethical principles
  • COMMITMENT: Our clients own our time and attention till the set goals are accomplished and even thereafter.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We take absolute responsibility on subscribe services based on the agreed terms of contract.

Our Obligations

  • Experienced personnel with skill and appropriate certifications
  • Committed services for our clients.
  • Personnel with full background checks with crime free records.
  • Respect for confidentiality in culturally and professionally appropriate manner.
  • Open and constructive communication with effective feedback system
  • Prompt response to enquiries.
  • Adequate information and respect for clients’ consent in service delivery

How Can You Help Us In Serving You?

  • Please provide us with necessary information and materials related to the subscribe service(s).
  • Inform us on any change(s) in process that may affect the implementation plans.
  • Please provide conducive and secure workplace environment for our personnel.
  • Maintain professional relationship with our personnel.
  • Our personnels are prohibited from accepting gifts in form of money, or materials; so do not offer please.
  • Please communicate all comments, complaints or compliments directly to the service managers or call our cooperate relations office on  09053058485 or email us on
  • Write us at 260c Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.

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