ALCOVE CARE, RHS’s home-based care service is targeted at individuals and families in need of personalized care in the clients’ comfort zone.

The challenge of providing the much needed long-term care for loved ones without the psychological and financial pressure of long stay in hospital facilities is extremely difficult to overcome coupled with the common dilemma of deciding the level of care needed and who can be trusted to provide such in the home setting.

Expertise, experience, trust, reliability and affordability are usually the major issues to consider when choosing a care agency and all these  qualities are synonymous with ALCOVE CARE.

We provide you with necessary support and professional expertise to assess and decide the level of care that will be comfortable and beneficial to your loved one while ensuring your best experience by providing the most competent care. Contact us now.

Our Special features include:

  • Vast pool of competent, highly professional and friendly caregivers with complete background and reference checks to ensure safety.
  • Pool of specialists who are always available for rapid response to client needs.
  • Customized, flexible plan of care that is uniquely developed and tailored to the client’s needs.
  • 24/7 availability to attend to client’s concerns.
  • Regularized supervisory visits for necessary monitoring and evaluation of plan of care and implementation.