Career at RHS

Are you driven or motivated for quality health care delivery? You are looking for an opportunity to be part of something great that will build upon your strength and experience to enhance your career? Are you set to go with a true company, which is focused on making positive marks in the health industry, one that is recognized for its ability to deliver and get the job done?

Then, you just made the right choice of REALCARE HEALTH SUPPORT.

RHS is a perfect medium for you – an organization teeming with eager professionals. A comprehensive group, equipped with all it takes to be the best consulting firm in quality health care delivery – great clients, superior products and services, and talented people just like you.

At our core is a commitment to our employees. We are a company where everyone can contribute to our team’s success while achieving personal goals. We work hard to create opportunities for our employees to develop and grow into future leaders in their chosen career. We are confident that our unique position and dynamic team will provide you with opportunities that you will not find elsewhere. The experience you gain at RHS will strengthen your confidence in climbing the upward ladder of your career in health care delivery.

Our core objective is to provide an environment where every member has the opportunity to grow, learn and impact their environment in real, measured ways. Without exception, every individual at RHS brings unique and important contributions to our clients, firm and mission. Your time at RHS will be an enriching experience and equally rewarding on every possible level. So, quickly increase your earning potential with a fulfilling career in health care. This is the opportunity you’ve been hoping for!

If you are interested in joining RHS, please send your resume along with a cover letter to