Who we are

REALCARE HEALTH SUPPORT (RHS) is an organization born with the passion for professional development and development of standardized, evidence-based health care delivery practices with modern techniques and technologies.

Our team is focused on proffering complete health care solution by designing customized health care delivery centers with world-class professional standard regardless of size, classification or location in the spirit of optimization of capacity for growth and expansion which translate to increase quality and higher profitability.

We also offer world class home based care services which are aimed at achieving the optimal living qualities for our clients.

We are set to concert all resources towards taking our health institutions to enviable standards that will reverse the current trend of investing in the development of international health care organizations under the guise of excellence.

The company employs the strength of her team of professionals with vast knowledge and experience both local and international with vision on optimization of care delivery that compares with world standard.

Our Approach

It is obvious that the health care industry is facing enormous challenges in this critical economy. This is highly compounded with the need for quality care with the increasing awareness in the Health Insurance era. There are so many competitions and the quest to stay at the top is unending.

REALCARE HEALTH SUPPORT understands these challenges and the pressure associated with task of resolving them. Our team works with your organization to develop strategies for growth that will ensure quality and standard as well as providing tools for evaluation and monitoring for sustainability.

We possess the passion, vision and creativity that will build viable teams and identify leaderships that can think and act strategically to develop excellent operational procedures and technique that will ensure profitability without compromising standard and quality in this challenging times.

We are good search engine for CEOs, COOs, ICOs, Doctors, Nursing Officers and other Allied personnel.

We are committed to serve all our clients, from large, teaching medical centers to stand alone hospitals/facilities and even day clinics and nursing homes with the same level of expert attention to develop customized processes that ensures growth.

RHS; Your Best Choice!

RHS is set to take healthcare delivery system in Nigeria to world standard through professional development and strengthening of the talent pool of health care enterprises by developing processes and management systems based on evidence and technologies that are favorable and acceptable to our social and professional values.

Our vision is to be the foremost and leading health support organization with the largest pool of talented health care personnels with enviable care delivery and management skills.

Our services are based on;

  • Proficiency
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Trust

Workforce Solution

The focus of all health care organizations is to achieve the best standard of professional practice of quality care delivery sustainable under the pressure of unstable economy and dynamic healthcare delivery system. RHS will work with you to develop a unique personalized program that will create the perfect combination of clinical expertise that is needed to succeed.

Instead of working with multiple recruitment firms, RHS is a one-stop solution for all your healthcare workforce needs. Our dedicated team with her broad network will supply your facility with most qualified healthcare professionals and other experts ranging from administrative to clerical personnel resulting in reduced cost of recruitment processes with no need for frequent replacement.